About HERO Sports

HERO Sports is a technology platform creating over a billion pieces of unique sports content every month for youth leagues to professional sports. HERO Sports leverages data, machine learning, and sports expertise to create a wide range of content including previews, recaps, rankings, predictions, match-up analysis, fantasy, and betting insights.

HERO Sports is both a consumer destination and a content-as-a-service company. Through our content automation platform we’re able to produce original and compelling content for all sports from pee-wee football to DIII field hockey to professional baseball. We work with over 20 data partners to gather real-time stats used to power our automation engine for creating content for herosports.com.

For all intents and purposes herosports.com is our testing bed for the sports content products we offer clients. We power content for some the world’s largest media organizations (AP & Yahoo!) and smaller organization like university athletic departments.

“Unlike others in our space, our sports content platform doesn’t hope to make people more efficient but rather more valuable,” said CEO Brad Weitz. “Other content companies sell time savings (efficiency) tools to help produce content faster. What’s the value of more content if you don’t know what to write about, or what people are searching for online, or you can’t attribute revenue back to the content?”

If your company uses sports content to sell, engage, or inform, it’s very likely we can help you drive higher returns for less expense. Contact us here or email us at info@herosports.com.

HEROsports.com is powered by technology pioneered & patented by Data Skrive.