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HERO Sports launched in 2014 as BennettRank, a computer ranking of all major men’s and women’s D1, D2, and D3 college sports. In 2015, BennettRank rebranded to HERO Sports and expanded beyond rankings to content. HERO Sports began to cover all levels of NCAA sports. Our mission was to advance interest and appreciation for small-school athletics. HERO Sports also produced NBA, NFL, WNBA, and MLB content with our team of experienced writers.

In our coverage of all levels of college athletics, HERO Sports became a go-to site for FCS football news and analysis beginning in 2015 and into the 2016 season and beyond. We talked to dozens of players and coaches for stories every year, and our preseason and postseason All-American teams along with our preseason Top 25 rankings started to be recognized by FCS schools and conferences.

Twitter graphics from FCS team accounts recognizing our All-American teams and Top 25 rankings.

In 2018, HERO Sports began to pivot its focus from a publishing website to a content automation platform called Data Skrive. While the HERO Sports website continued to cover the FCS, FBS, and college basketball, Data Skrive became the second arm of the company as its automated content services began to grow in clientele.

In 2020, BetMGM acquired the HERO Sports website and its editorial staff. Most of the content team shifted to oversee and grow BetMGM’s blog, The Roar. HERO Sports became a college football affiliate website for BetMGM with the top focus of continuing our dedication to FCS coverage through news, analysis, feature stories, and recognizing the best players in the subdivision.

HERO Sports also publishes FBS Group of Five analysis and FBS Power Five betting insights.

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