HBCU Week 4 predictions

Week 4 HBCU Predictions

SHSU beats NAU

FCS Week 4 Notable Games

Oklahoma football

Week 4 FBS Betting Odds

Montana football stadium
JMU beats Maine

2021 FCS Bracketology 2.0

Kennesaw Top 25
FCS betting odds

FCS Week 3 Betting Odds

Kennesaw-Wofford football preview

FCS Week 3 Predictions

Richmond-Villanova Preview

Richmond-Villanova Preview

JMU at Weber preview
Week 3 HBCU Predictions

Week 3 HBCU Predictions

Washington Huskies football stadium
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
Sam Herder

Sam Herder

Sam’s coverage of the FCS began in 2012 as the sports editor and eventual editor-in-chief of NDSU’s The Spectrum. After graduating in 2015, he spent three years in the newspaper and magazine industry while starting his work for HERO Sports in the fall of 2016 as a freelancer. In May 2018, he joined the website full time as the Senior FCS Analyst.

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